Mocha Mint

Originally from the Mediterranean region, carob pods from the carob tree have long been known for their rich flavour and sweet aroma. These have been enhanced for our tea by carefully roasting the pods before they are ground.

Beginning with roasted mate, we add just the right balance of roasted carob pods and stimulating peppermint for an invigorating, energizing cup of mate, tasteful with milk and honey.

Mocha Mint is rich and refreshing. Many people love this as an after-dinner enhancer, or to enhance the social mood.

Mocha Mint Tea Box
Mocha Mint - Tea Bags - ORGANIC


Mocha Mint 100TB
Mocha Mint - 100 Tea Bags - ORGANIC


Mocha Mint 150g
Mocha Mint Loose Tea - 150 grams - ORGANIC


Mocha Mint 300g
Mocha Mint Loose Tea - 300 grams - ORGANIC


Mocha Mint 5lbs
Mocha Mint - 2.27 Kg - ORGANIC






Love the Mocha Mint. I make it bulletproof with grass fed butter and MCT oil. Tastes like an amazing latte. Has replaced coffee in my mornings.